Vote for the Girls Victory: Melanie Amaro Wins The X Factor

We did it, for the girls! Millions votes were cast last night, and in the end, we helped the first girl win The X Factor! It seemed like a challenge at the beginning of the season, but we succeeded and helped make sure Josh and Chris finished in 2nd and 3rd place, respectively. Apparently the reason behind the Vote for the Girls Campaign on is even stronger than we thought – just wish and hope that a girl will finally win American Idol at last.

She is our X Factor. Yes, she is. And we helped her achieve that goal. The cherry on the cake is that she’s going to make $5 million – the winner of season 1 made a blowout Pepsi commercial!


Check back next year, when we help #XFGirlPower2 win the show.


Melanie Amaro – Finale Night 2 – Winner Song – THE X FACTOR USA 2011 – YouTube.


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