Vote for the Girls Loss: American Idol Season 11


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It has happened again! Over 132 million votes were cast Tuesday night in a vote that according to DialIdol was too close to call. DialIdol predicted that Phillip Phillips won while ZabaSearch predicted Jessica Sanchez would finally become the first woman to win American Idol in five years.

The young, female audience, a key demographic as Vote for the Girls and several NoSirGifts Venues have exposed, has the voting power (and that is the whole reason behind Vote for the Girls to change their mind). Not only are they attracted to types like Phillip, but they are the viewers who are most likely to vote. Not only are they the most likely to vote, but they are the most likely to vote multiple times, to the maximum, in fact, because they are familiar with technology and they are not afraid to use it. Other demographic segments, for example, older viewers, may not be aware that multiple votes are allowed, and they are likely not to have the energy to do so either. This is another reason why Aeverine Zinn is launching Vote for the Girls.

In this season, young Jessica Sanchez drew a great deal of audible online support from overseas. These fans are restricted from voting in the competition, therefore their voices distorted the true popularity of Jessica within the realm of qualified voters.
In the end, let’s just that Aeverine Zinn, just watched her last American Idol tonight, and proved to be an intense one. In the end it was Phillip Phillips that stole the season 11 American Idol title from Jessica Sanchez. A lot of people are really pissed off that happened. Watch the two videos from Aeverine Zinn on YouTube and from the American Idol YouTube channel.



This is why Aeverine Zinn is primarily launching Vote for the Girls. But on (Zinn’s site) she made several friendly wagers with her friends and by the time all is said and done (including the official launch of Vote for the Girls site) will cost Ms. Zinn nearly $5,000 alone.

Painful Vote for the Girls Loss

Vote for the Girls will make every effort provide the best predictions possible from sources such as DialIdol and ZabaSearch, So stay tuned, watch, relax as much as possible now it is officially a war between Vote for the Girls against Vote for the Worst!


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