Vote for the Girls Encourages You to Vote for Angela Miller

angiebannerAs you know VTFG’s founder and webmaster, Ava Zinn, did not watching the 12th season of American Idol until April 10, 2013. Even though Zinn isn’t is now watching this year’s American Idol, there is still a frontrunner and some buzz online about Angela Miller.



According to one source, It’s almost too obvious that Idol is hoping to declare a female the winner this year, and there’s the first pieces of evidence came when Idol split the girls and guys up during Hollywood week. It was during the girls round that BIG WHITE words shot across the screen asking, “Will A Girl Win This Season?” It was as if the show wanted brainwash us into voting for a girl this year. Don’t worry, Nigel Lythgoe. If Angela is in the top 10, you’ll be crowing the first female winner in six years. Ava Zinn said, “It made my decision realtiveley easy for me to make the Vote for the Girls picks prior to the voting rounds. Hopefully, I have 100% confidence in Ms. Miller,  because they have delivered the entertainment and buzz every time they have performed.”

Miller is proven to be one of the most loved VFTG picks ever, and we haven’t even gotten the chance to vote for her yet.

So tune in this week and help us vote for Angie Miller tonight and  then tune in Thursday to see if VTFG’s pics make it to the top 10 and can continue to receive our undying support. Make us proud, Angie Miller!

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