Vote for the Girls on YouTube: Idol Top 8 MASHUP

To fill the void before posting the American Idol Voting information tonight, here is the YouTube video (watch below) as all five women are declared safe by voters and sending the three guys in the bottom three — a feat never before accomplished in Vote for the Girls history.

We know that a girl will be in the Top 3. But Thursday we will know which of the women is the weakest of the bunch. Amber is the only one who has been in the bottom 3 so far, but that may not be the only determiner. Janelle has gotten some bad reviews, but so far has shown no sign that she is weak (

It’s a pretty big turnaround, especially after the serial elimination of women at the beginning two years ago. Perhaps Vote for the Worst could be forced to sell the site to Ava Zinn herself.

There’s virtually no chance a sixth WGWG. According to Vote for the Girls’ sources and computer models plus other sources, Vote for the Girls may see not only the very first VFTG victory since Crystal Bowersox three years ago, but potentially an automatic Vote for the Girls Victory.

The Vote for the Girls Model (using DialIdol Averages, WNTS Artsist/Songs, VoteFair, and IdolAnalytics) is preliminary predicting…. that Janelle may be in the Bottom Three for the first time and Burnell getting sacked.

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