Four Guys Down… One to Go for an EPIC Vote for the Girls Victory

We are one elimination away as all five women are STILL in the American Idol competition. The only barrier is our competitor’s pick Lazaro Arbos. We need to vote him off and not only that, Angie and Kree are this week’s top 3 vote getters! Nice work, everyone.

Burnell was predictably eliminated.

As vote for the Girls’ main competition’s pick is the last boy standing an all the other boys, it’s BASICALLY Vote for the Girls against Vote for the Worst. Go Angie! Go Kree! Go Candice! Go Amber! Go Janelle! And go VFTG (Vote for the Girls) and give us the first Idol VFTG Victory and give Siobahn Magnus, Crystal Bowersox, Pia Toscano, Haley Reinhart, Lauren Alaina, and Jessica Sanchez justice!

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Angie Miller
Angie Miller is Vote for the Girls’ primary pick, and potentially Vote for the Worst’s pick to win American Idol should Lazaro Arbos, the current Vote for the Worst pick and last male contestant standing, be voted off.

Meanwhile, there are a lot of anger and quite frankly, should Lazaro be voted off, Vote for the Worst will be forced to encourage you to vote for Angie Miller (at least their theory that a girl won’t win American Idol will be shattered).


Why I believe that Vote for the Worst will encourage to vote for Angie Miller is that according to their site, she’s made a point to favorite tweets attacking Lazaro (link to story on that site), and this screengrab (right) may be the reason why she will most likely win American Idol season 12.


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