Vote for the Girls (GOOD) vs. Vote for the Worst (EVIL)

With a third VFTG Victory secured and basically at a deadlock since last Thursday when Lazaro was voted off, creating a Vote for the Girls victory (as shown in the promo on and my YouTube channel) and have a real big advantage.

Over at the other site (they’re calling it “Clam Jam 2013”) and the webmaster there is literally a f***ing crybaby about it. On Vote for the Worst they post:

 “In the top 5 of Box Social 2013, we’re now forced to vote for a girl. After pushing white guys with guitars to win for the last 5 years, this is foreign territory. So we thought long and hard and realized that our pick is quite simple. We encourage you to vote for Janelle Arthur.

Back to this site (Vote for the Girls):

Vote for the Girls already has its victory, and basically playing for bonus points from hereon out. After Ava (VFTG Boss), Holly (hollyeverman), and Michelle (transgurlFW) decided that VFTG’s pick is a realatively easy decision. We encourage you to vote for Angie Miller.

Two football helmets, one purple with a Vote for the Girls icon and a white helmet with Vote for the Worst's icon.
Ava Zinn’s Vote for the Girls and Dave Della Terza’s Vote for the Worst are bitter rivals.
Since VFTG’s launch in April 2010, VFTG has three victories (Melanie Amaro of The X Factor US season 1, Cassadee Pope of The Voice season 3, and unofficially whomever wins American Idol season 12);
Vote for the Worst? Nah, this site’s is WAAAY better.

And at the opening of last Thursday’s VFTG webisode on YouTube, another “The Price is Right” element is used as follows (a parody of “WHO NEEDS KEN JENNINGS? WE’VE GOT BOB BARKER! TAKE THAT, TREBEK!”):




AVA: This is a really tough decision for me since I’ve placed Candice, Angie, and Kree in my Top 3 with Amber and Janelle tied for dead last because they’ve been in the bottom two/three before. Candice stepped up with a powerful performance, making my Top two really difficult between her and Kree with Angie (my primary pick).  So I would not be surprised to see the judge’s save used on Candice or Kree Thursday if in the event should they have the lowest number of votes.

Should VFTG Boss’ pick of ANGIE MILLER win American Idol 12, this will mark the very first DOUBLE VFTG VICTORY. We need to recruit more individuals to vote for Angie Miller with Passion.

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