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It may look like our competitor has made their pick and it happens to be the same pick as VFTG’s – Angie Miller. According to a poll on THEIR site (as of 5PM EDT 4/22/13), Angie Miller, with 44 percent of the vote,  has been declared Vote for the Worst’s pick to win American Idol.


This marks the third time in Vote for the Girls history, one of our picks is the same.

  • American Idol 10: Haley Rinehart (VFTG Pick (with Lauren Alaina) from Top 8 to Top 3; VFTW Pick from top 4 to Top 3)
  • The X Factor USA 2: CeCe Frey (VFTG Pick (with others) from Top 13 to Top 6; VFTW Pick from Top 12 to Top 6)
  • American Idol 12: Angie Miller (VFTG Pick (with Kree Harrison) Semi-Finals to present; VFTW Pick from Top 4)*

VFTW’s picks do not normally last long, and since that site had “pushed white guys with guitars to win for the last 5 years,” costing Crystal Bowersox, Lauren Alaina, and Jessica Sanchez the American Idol crown since VFTG launched three years ago. Now that this site’s theory that a female would win the show again (a stark contrast to VFTW’s theory that a female would never win the show, was shattered when Lazaro Arbos was voted off and automatically gave VFTG its first American Idol victory). Several have posted on VFTW’s Facebook page have called for the site to admit defeat. Here are some of the comments from Facebook users and tweets to VFTW for your enjoyment:

EPIC FAIL!!! lol – Damian Foster

Congratulations! Another dismal failure for a bunch of dismal failures. Admit it – you have no impact whatsoever on the show!! – Susan Barnes

If this really is the final year of VFTW, then you need to bring back the full episode recaps. I miss reading those on the site and haven’t seen them in several weeks now. – Jack Blacketer


You guys don’t have anything better to do than make lousy contestants stay longer than they should? – @WWStu

Will you please just stop tweeting if you can’t say anything nice.. some of us still really enjoy idol – @scifidinein (Jessica Daugherty)


If there’s a silver lining that makes VFTG different than the competitors,

I like Vote for the Girls. VFTW not so much. – @BethHoller (Beth Holler)

And since VFTG Victory was declared, in the opening of VFTG, here is something useful for your enjoyment…

VFTG Open since AI12 Top 6

If you watched VFTG’s video from April 18, 2013, Ava started to say, “The worst thing that —” before the scene was cut to black (a la series finale of “The Sopranos”.) What Ava was going to say, “The worst thing that Vote for the Worst can do is tie.” The reason VFTW can tie in the event should Angie Miller win is that clearly VFTG’s picks lasted longer than VFTW’s and after Lazaro was voted off in the top six, giving VFTG the victory first

*For the first time in VFTG history, there is a possible tie with VFTW.

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