CONFIRMED: Kree Harrison is VFTW and VFTG Pick, Angie Miller is VFTG Pick

By Michelle Steele and Ava Zinn

It is now confirmed as of 10:00 pm that our competitor has made their pick and it happens to be the same pick as VFTG’s – Kree Harrison, not Angie Miller., as VFTG reported. Their site despite a poll on THEIR site Angie Miller, with 45 percent of the vote,  had been declared Vote for the Worst’s pick to win American Idol. The site waited at the last minute while VFTG has already made their picks a relatively easy one. The eventually decided on Kree.

This marks the third time in Vote for the Girls history, one of our picks is the same.

  • American Idol 10: Haley Rinehart (VFTG Pick (with Lauren Alaina) from Top 8 to Top 3; VFTW Pick from top 4 to Top 3)
  • The X Factor USA 2: CeCe Frey (VFTG Pick (with others) from Top 13 to Top 6; VFTW Pick from Top 12 to Top 6)
  • American Idol 12: Kree Harrison (VFTG Pick (with Angie Miller) Top 10 to present; VFTW Pick from Top 4)*

Vote for the Girls apologizes for the error.

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