The Voice Top 16 Recap – Oh, the humanity…

The episode started with 10 ladies and six gentlemen.

At the beginning of the episode Carson Daly brings the guy in charge of the voting onto the stage. There were some inconsistencies in voting this week with texting and online voting. They’ve removed those votes, and the guy in charge of voting (Jason George?) certifies that the results would have been the same either way (bring out the “wah wah wah”)

We are finding out Team Blake’s results first. Team Country goes from 4 to 3 tonight. The VFTG prediction is he’ll let the Swon Brothers go, but hoped for Holly Tucker based on the model prediction. The OFFICIAL top two artists saved by America are:

HOLLY TUCKER (ding ding ding, applause) and DANIELLE BRADBURY (clang clang clang, applause)

That means Blake has to choose between The Swon Brothers and Justin Rivers. Blake talks about different scenarios, and he didn’t see this pairing coming. He congratulates them on getting this far on the voice. Blake decides to save:

THE SWON BROTHERS (sounds like a Vote for the Worst pick), JUSTIN RIVERS IS ELIMINATED FROM TEAM BLAKE (model predicted he was safe) (cheers and applause)

Now it’s time for Team Shakira results. I’m hoping she sends Kris Thomas home, I think he’s the weakest link. I think America saved Sasha and Garrett. America has saved:

SASHA ALLEN (ding ding ding) and KRIS THOMAS (buzzer, audience reacts and boos)

Uh oh.

Shakira talks about how tough her decision is, and how her heart is about to be broken. She wrote everyone’s name on a sheet of paper, and let God figure out for her who should leave. She’s stalling. We’re worried for Karina. She says she can still affect someone and change their life, and she’s going to save that person. Shakira saves:

GARRETT GARDNER (buzzer used on The Price is Right pricing game Pathfinder); KARINA IGLESIAS IS ELIMINATED FROM TEAM SHAKIRA (booing continues)

Team Usher results time. The model says America saved Josiah Hawley and Vedo. America has saved:

MICHELLE CHAMUEL (ding ding ding) and VEDO (buzzer, audience disgusted)

Usher now has to choose between Josiah Hawley and Cathia. Usher saves:

JOSIAH HAWLEY (buzzer used on The Price is Right pricing game Pathfinder); CATHIA IS ELIMINATED FROM TEAM USHER (booing)

Four minutes for Team Adam results. This is the VFTG Win (no buzzers). Their Itunes sales were all solid, their performances were all pretty solid. I think America saved Judith and Sarah. I’m going for a shock with Amber against Caroline, which will make it easier for Adam to eliminate Amber. America has saved:

JUDITH HIlL (cheers and applause) and AMBER CARRINGTON

So the model was wrong. Sarah Simmons vs Caroline Glaser. Who will Adam save? He doesn’t have much time, but he still rambles that both of them are amazing. He thinks they are evenly matched. The credits roll. At the last second, Adam saves:



This ended so fast that the scorecard broke. So now the Top 12 is set as follows and what’s next:

Adam Blake Shakira Usher TOTAL
Girls 3 2 1 1 7
Guys 0 1 2 2 5

Caroline Glaser
Caroline Glaser
Justin Rivers

Karina Igleasias
Karina Igleasias




Possible scenarios for the Top 12 Results:

  • A VFTG Win for Team Adam already happened.
  • A VFTG Win for Team Blake if The Swon Brothers are eliminated.
  • A VFTG Loss for Team Usher if Michelle Chamuel is eliminated.
  • A Painful VFTG Loss for Team Shakira if Sasha Allen is eliminated.


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