Idol Predictions Top 3 – Could be a shocker


WNTS (Song) Dial Idol AVG VF IdolAnalytics Not-Safe Probability VTFG Predictability Twitter (1M) FB (1M)
Angie Miller
57.33  3.526 39.35  0.310 15.95  0.14809 0.08801
Kree Harrison
 49  3.186  23.46  0.332  9.94  0.07738  0.01473
Candice Glover
 64.33 3.311  25.35 0.323  10.69 0.08277  0.03319


Names in bold green are predicted safe. Names in red are the most likely bottom 2. Any person not in bold green is not considered safe by the model.


Sorry to do this folks, but as perverse as it might seem, this prediction is not sensitive to week-to-week shocks. As such, it would be safe to say that Kree is gone . However, IdolAnalytics is reporting Angie will be eliminated. It is basically too close to call.



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