Vote for the Girls calls off American Idol 2013 following Angie Miller’s elimination

Zinn: “For the first time in Vote for the Girls history. I, Ava Zinn, cannot pick a winner.”

Emotions were high. So were the stakes and even a chair in one of the ugliest American Idol Top 3 results ever —  and the elimination of Angie Miller May 9 (even though it is officially a Vote for the Girls Victory) forced an early end to American Idol 12.

Ava Zinn, founder and webmaster after several discussions decided to post on her Twitter feed of her declaration, “For the first time in Vote for the Girls history. I, Ava Zinn, cannot pick a winner (between Kree and Candice). Zinn’s decision to call off the American idol 12th season once fans of Miller expressed shock and disbelief.

“It’s the ugliest thing I’ve seen as a moderator,” said VFTG Moderator Holly Everman. “I’m just embarrassed for our site and disappointed for anyone who voted for Angie Miller to see that.”

However, Michelle Steele, another VFTG Moderator, will post the voting information for the American Idol finale since her picks of Kree Harrison and Candice Glover are, unfortunately in the finale, while Holly and Ava have a long discussion and strategy about how to get more people to this Vote for the Girls web site.

Ava Zinn, meanwhile, has announced on her site at that she has decided to purchase the domain once the Vote for the Girls rival competitor officially closes their doors next month.


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