Kris Thomas and Josiah Hawley eliminated (VIDEO)

Amazing results and now for only the second time in Vote for the Girls history, there’s a Clean Sweep Win. All seven ladies were declared safe before the Swon Brothers became the last to advance in the competition.

CLEAN SWEEPDeclared safe as appeared in the episode:

  1. Danielle Bradbery (Team Blake)
  2. Judith Hill (Team Adam and VFTG Pick)
  3. Michelle Chamuel (Team Usher)
  4. Sasha Allen (Team Shakira)
  5. Sarah Simmons (Team Adam)
  6. Holly Tucker (Team Blake)
  7. Amber Carrington (Team Adam)
  8. The Swon Brothers (Team Blake and the last male act on The Voice)

Are you happy about the results tonight on The Voice, send us some love and support (or hate if you wanted Kris or Josiah to advance in the competition) by sending mail to (SUBJECT: Vote for the Girls), tweet to @voteforthegirls or write on the Facebook wall.

Watch the full episode of Vote for the Girls below:


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