DOUBLE VICTORY on The Voice: Sawyer Fredericks wins, Meghan Linsey wins as well….



What’s better than a Vote for the Girls victory? Two victories are better than one as Koryn Hawthorne finished fourth and Joshua Davis finished third, that left Meghan Linsey and Sawyer Fredericks as the Top 2 and securing the DOUBLE VFTG Victory (instead of what would have been a Vote for the Girls loss). However, since this web site decided to allow Sawyer Fredericks as a Vote for the Girls pick as well as Meghan Linsey, this necessitated the male and female victories…. It may not make sense, but after research of the voting habits, the time finally came after we became successful with Nick Fradiani and Jax Cole on American Idol last week.

By the way in case you were wondering about Dancing with the Stars 20, Rumer Willis (supported by Team Kendra Ray) defeated Colorado’s own Riker Lynch (supported by Team Ava & Kymberly) and Team Thia Tola’s Noah Galloway, with Lynch and Galloway respectively finishing second and third.

With only the losses on Rising Star and America’s Got Talent, the Moderators’ Saves on Valerie Rockey and DaNica Shirey on So You Think You Can Dance 11 and The Voice 7, respectively. The victories of Alfonso on Dancing with the Stars 19, Nick Fradiani (and the Moderator’s Save on Jax) on American Idol 14, Sawyer Fredericks (with Meghan Linsey as a co-champion) on The Voice 8, and Rumer Willis (and Riker Lynch as co-champion) on Dancing with the Stars 20, have resulted in what will be for the first time in VFTG history is that no punishments for the main moderator panel nor will there be the So You Think You Can Dance 12 or America’s Got Talent 10 make-up competition.

We will be back in the fall with The Voice 9 and Dancing with the Stars 21 and in the spring for The Voice 10, Dancing with the Stars 22, and for the last time, American Idol 15!!!

Have a great summer and we will see you for the seventh season premiere with “200 Women Picked” as Ava will be preparing for the first season of the Austalian version of VFTG and the third season of the British version.


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