Bindi Irwin is the FEMALE WINNER of #DWTS21, Mark Eliminated on #TheVoice

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Already five shows into the seventh season of Vote for the Girls and already we saw a lot of fireworks… We almost saw Bindi Irwin get eliminated from DWTS.

However, this is probably one of the most memorable moments (if not the most) in this site’s history. With the unexpected withdraw of Tamar Braxton, this left Bindi Irwin as the lone female celebrity on the 21st season of DWTS (and she needs your votes no matter what).

Kymberly Alvaraz pulling a Brandi Chastain!

Tamar Braxton’s departure has resulted Julia Passalt’s remaining pick of Nick Carter being flexed to Ava Zinn & Kymberly Alvaraz, effectively sealing the the first Double VFTG Victory for Ava & Kymberly. Also, this is will be a crossover post to the final episode of the Vote for the Girls franchise in Australia.

Meanwhile, on The Voice, Korin Bukowski and Mark Hood landed in the bottom two with Mark being eliminated. However, there was three Vote for the Worst picks, but a technical glitch during the blind auditions on September 28, 2015 inadvertently registered a Vote for the Worst pick instead of a Flex Pick. Ava Zinn addressed the issue before The Voice 9 Top 12 Result.

We still encourage you to vote for Bindi on Monday, November 23, 2015 in the event should she make the DWTS21 Finale and play “Screwed the Pooch” to Nick, Carlos, and Alek as well as win it all for not only her fans in the United States, but also Australia since she’s now in the VFTG USA Hall of Fame and in the VFTG AUSTRALIA Hall of fame as well.

Bindi Irwin must win it all for Australia and America. And we can’t take this voting lightly – we’ve seen it happen in seasons past in the regular seasons and on one occasion and delivered  the first VFTG Loss of 2014. Dial 1-855-234-5604, vote online at, and Facebook.

For fans living in Australia, you can also vote during the West coast time zone (8PM -11 PM PST) if you have an account through Skype. You can also download the Skype app on your smartphone and vote that way. This is how International fans are voting. International VFTGers can also use TunnelBear  MagicJack, NetTalk, and Vonage to vote if you have any of those at home.


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