The Moderators’ Save is used on Emily Roberts, Jordan Smith projected to win The Voice 9

It may be the toughest night of the season. But even the main female moderator panelists, Ava Zinn, Kymberly Alvaraz, Kendra Ray, Tracia Ward, and Kellie Rock, know that tonight there’s nothing that can prepare them for what was coming. Tonight five artists will be eliminated and worst case scenario could have the same fate as The Voice 7.

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The format works as follows: the vote overnight determines three of the four finalists. The three artists with the fewest votes are eliminated. Then, the final of the four finalist slots is determined by an instant save showdown. The artists who placed fourth, fifth and sixth in last night’s voting must each sing, followed by a short window in which America’s final choice will be counted via Twitter.

We learn that the artists and the moderators who receiving the most votes are (in no particular order):

Jordan Smith and Emily Ann Roberts (Remember, should both Jordan and Emily be the last two standing, Ava Zinn and Kymberly Alvaraz will have a second DOUBLE VFTG VICTORY) are the first two artists in The Voice 9 final.

Joining Team Ava & Kymberly’s picks of Jordan and Emily is… Kendra Ray’s Flex Pick Barrett Baber (Kendra looks surprised while Tracia Ward and Kellie Rock pulled a Thug Life moment)

So Two Flex Picks on the Purple Team and one Vote for the Girls Pick are in The Voice 9 Finale…

Six artists left… The three artists who performed for America’s instant save are Jeffery Austin, Madi Davis, and Zach Seabaugh. So we know a pink team moderator will be joining Kendra, Ava, and Kymberly in The Voice 9 final.


Now a little bit of good news, bad news… The good news is the fact that we have a Vote for the Girls VICTORY ON THE VOICE 9 as Braiden Sunshine, Amy Vachal and Shelby Brown had the three fewest number of votes.

It’s somewhat close, but only one can move on to join Emily, Jordan, and Barrett. The fourth person in The Voice 9 Finale is… Jeffery Austin and Tracia Ward is the third moderator in The Voice 9 Final. Madi Davis and Zach Seabaugh are eliminated.

The moderators have decided to use their Moderators’ Save on Emily Ann Robersin the event should she finish third or fourth next Tuesday.

VFTG Encourages You To Vote for Emily Ann Roberts

BTW, according to iTunes and sources, Jordan Smith is projected to win The Voice 9 with Emily Roberts finishing second.

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