Alisan Porter/CURLY SUE WINS The Voice 10!

Double VFTG Victory

We asked you to vote for Alisan Porter to win The Voice folks and we finally broke the streak and not only Alisan’s victory and not only another moderator win for Ava Zinn and Kymberly Alvaraz on not only The Voice 10 as well as a co-winning moderator with Lanise White’s pick of Nylie DiMarco as the overall winner of Dancing with the Stars 22 and Paige van Zant as the overall runner-up. Ava & Kymberly’s double victories on The Voice 9 (Jordan Smith and Emily Ann Roberts), Dancing with the Stars 21 (Bindi Irwin and Nick Carter), American Idol 15 (Trent Harmon and La’Porsha Renae), and The Voice 10 (Alisan Porter and Adam Wakefield) mark the first time one moderator has swept a Vote for the Girls season!

This means for the first time next season on Vote for the Girls, Ava & Kymberly and Lanise & Danni will have two big advantages–one will be the fact that Ava, Kymberly, and Lanise will not be participating in DWTS 23.

Lanise will be going to the Hall of Fame NFL game of which the Indianapolis Colts and her Green Bay Packers will play and Ms. White will watch the game in person!

Ava & Kymberly, however, will buy a DVD copy of “Curly Sue” and a very big surprise!!

Story will be updated.


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