Karly Jameson: Curly Hair Prank on Holly & Tracia

L-R: Holly Everman, Tracia Matthewson, and Karly Jameson.
L-R: Holly Everman, Tracia Matthewson, and Karly Jameson.

As women, we always worry about our hair, our weight, and our overall appearance every time we head into our car and drive to the studio. There is always that one little instinct that if all working mothers stray away from an unspoken guideline of perfection and professionalism, it will damage if not ruin one’s career. Not to mention, if viewers or fans don’t like the hairstyles (such as the fact that three of us–Holly, Tracia, and myself), a transgender woman’s makeup (we never seen Ava wear any makeup for most of the previous season other than concealer while our girlfriends Perri, Hillary, and Kathi have since they are pretty much post-op), the fans sure pretty much made their voices heard.

During the The Voice 10, all eyes were not on Lanise or Ava & Kymberly or anyone on the purple team, nor did they even focus on Alisan Porter, but they were on the pink team for a good reason besides the deaths of Kellie Rock and Kathy Roberts. Holly, Tracia, I found ourselves spending countless hours upon hours and even extra cash to a hair stylist to make sure the hair was perfect for every episode and every time we make our VFTG picks. As this is between three women each hailing from Muncie, South Bend, and Fort Wayne, Indiana. The hair maintence may have been more exhausting than Holly having her head shaved two years ago while Tracia and I didn’t and getting our hair done has been more exhausting than making a VFTG pick or even voting online. The experiences Holly, Tracia, myself, and to some extent Ava shed the light with the details of the appearances of a 33 year old transwoman in New Naptown (Marion, Indiana), a 36 year old mother of two from Muncie, a 28 year old Notre Dame Blond from Fort Wayne, and a 34 year old woman from the Circle City(Indianapolis), got us thinking, “What is f**k really going on here?”

As we approach August and the dog days of the hot sticky summer. It is that time of year when straightening our curly locks is more challenging because of the humidity.

Holly Everman: I began straightening my hair in 1993 after my mom too me to a hair stylist to get my hair straightened wondering why I had curly hair. I also remember (the late) Robyn (Hurd) doing the same a few years earlier and I realized that my hair looks the same as Robyn’s–auburn Red and long.

Tracia Ward: When I began my news anchoring career in South Bend, there was usually seemed to be a clear and cut style for women in the news business. Since it was a NoSirGifts-owned station, I knew a black blouse and a black skirt wasn’t allowed unless someone at the station or a former member of that particular station passes away. I had never heard of Lanise White and Kathy Roberts (then known as Kathy Fountaine) until they respectively joined the moderator panel nor did I know they first began their news careers with curly hair back in before I was even born.

Karly Jameson: I remember the day I met Lanise White for the first time in 2012. I had been interviewed by Ms. White while she was in Milwaukee talking about “The Karly Ryder, Jr. Show” (my show). It was about gay rights and the elections. Little did I know until watching old Milwaukee news clips was the fact both Lanise White and Kathy Roberts both had curly hair. When Kathy died, I went to Tracia stating we have to do something in honor of Kathy Roberts.

After Alisan Porter won The Voice, the remaining pink team members at the time–Holly, Tracia, and Thia (Thia Tola was about to moved to the purple team), had to do something because we had not been having the best of seasons while Ava & Kymberly (Alvaraz) pretty much dominated the pruple team. So as our punishment, although no losses were declared on The Voice 9 and 10 nor the final season of American Idol 15 thanks to flex picking. What Ava does not know is that I had gotten Kendra Ray (who has since moved to the pink team) and Lanise White in on the prank on the PINK TEAM’S PUNISHMENT!!! I had decided to stop using my blow dryer, my hair straightener and the five products that made my hair straight so I thought Lanise would get the idea and Ava & Kymberly would be too busy to notice if they hadn’t already.

Tracia Matthewson and Holly Everman: We noticed on the night of May 3, 2016 that our InStylers Ava had given to us in 2014 were gone and a note stating what happened to the InStylers and the blow dryers since we always do our own hair and makeup. Holly came out of her dressing room and told me, “I hadn’t gotten the chance to use it myself, but I know you have, Tracia.”

Much to the surprise and amazement, the three of us kind of like it curly. The bouncy, big curls match my bubbly and outgoing personality. Holly loves it curly and hadn’t worn it for 25 years and wanted to do this to celebrate the 25 years she and Ava have been close friends. Unlike Tracia, I wanted to wear it on air, untamed and completely natural. It is something I know Holly wants want to do every day while Tracia & I doesn’t necessarily want to do everyday but at least when I am in the mood.

Finally, on the behalf of Holly Everman and Tracia Matthewson, I can say I am proud of my hair as wearing my hair as it was given to me, big, uncontrollable and curly, helped me get across the message that I am finally not afraid to be different. Rather, I am excited to embrace being myself as a loving wife to Kathi and proud as a bisexual.

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