VFTG Loss: So You Think You Can Dance 13

America voted Kida Burns as the winner of SYTYCD with J. T.  Church coming in second.

Unfortunately, that is a loss since Tate McRae finished third and Emma Hellenkamp finished fourth.

Webmaster and VFTG Host Ava Zinn said, “Had this been six years ago, the competition would be over with a loss.”

After Tate finished third, and after the winner was announced, we took a vote on whether to use the Moderators’s Save to decline Tate’s defeat, Breeanna, Rachael,  and Peta voted no.

When asked about the decision, I said, “Ava, We are not using our Moderator’s Save on Tate. We are not unanimous and it breaks our hearts. I’m so sorry.”

So with that, this is the first time on Vote for the Girls we’ve declared a Loss. So that means the following moderators face a Punishement for VFTG Loss: Kendra Ray, Breeanna Sorensen, Ann Dwyar, Kylie Dwyar, Donna Doogan, Marti McDaniel, Rachael Passalt, Thia Tola, Tracia Matthewson, Hillary Matthewson, Sophia Williams, Maci Blanca, Peta-Alyce Kaizer, Jenny Riva, Tulissa Kümmert, Holly Everman, and Perri Johnson will, as their punishment is not shaving their legs until December 1 (Leg Beards for Breast Cancer and No Shave November) plus they will be cleaning the set and the stage as well as Ava’s home in Marion.

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