VFTG Mailbag (12/9/2020)

It has been a while since we have read some comments and since this is our final season, we want to share some comments with you:

“You people are so God damn dumb. You’re assholes!” – Anonymous

“Why go for these disgusting punishments for failure when female contestants don’t win?” – Anonymous

“Twelve years later, I am still confused about Vote for the Girls” – common complaint

“I don’t like Jacqui, Andi, Cathryn, Alexandra, Breeeanna, Sonia, Kylie, Sophia, Maci, or any of the female moderators. I would keep Phil, Clark, Louis, and Bryant when Vote for the Girls returns.” – another common complaint

“I really don’t like Ava as host of Vote for the Girls. Get rid of that tranny.” – Anonymous.

And last but not least, Ava wants to share another comment from a peer who is attending Ivy Tech Fort Wayne

“I heard a very interesting first sentence, it drew me in to read more. In your writing, I heard that Vote for the Girls is not entirely about the female contestants. I found your information in your writing to be interesting and definitely something that people would be interested in reading more of! You defined the terms that people may not know and words that people do not use on a daily or weekly basis. I found that defining these terms helped me to understand what you were talking about. I do not know very much about the shows that you mentioned so it was a lot of new information to me.
I also wondered what the difference was between pink or purple teams and blue or red teams. I also wondered what exactly your viewpoint was on this topic. I felt that it was a little hard to pinpoint what the exact argument was that you were trying to get across.

Overall, I really enjoyed reading your writing and I found it to be very interesting!” – Sonsuray  

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