Last Female Standing Hall of Fame

In the fall of 2014, the Moderator’s Save, an element first used in Italy’s Vota Femminili (Vote for the Girls (Italy)) and Rösta för Flickorna (Vote for the Girls (Sweden)), was introduced on September 3, 2014. The moderators were initially given the power to exercise a veto on two regular competitions (one in each cycle) and one make-up competition and spare the site from a Vote for the Girls Loss for that particular competition. This can only be invoked up until the finales of all competitions (initially the semi-finals of The Voice and American Idol in the regular competition or before the finale of So You Think You Can DanceAmerica’s Got Talent, or Dancing with the Stars). If the Moderators’ Save is used in a make-up competition, the moderators will not get to choose any Vote for the Girls flex picks on The Voice nor American Idol because no victory nor loss is declared. The Moderator’s Save can only be used once per cycle and it must be unanimous.

Additionally, because no loss is declared if the Moderators’ Save is used to spare the site from a Vote for the Girls Loss in the event should the last remaining female contestant is eliminated, none of the moderators will face punishment for failure.

American Idol

The Voice

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