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The Moderators’ Save will be used on The Voice 19

After reviewing the audition of DeSz and her performances, the moderators are unanimous and will use the Moderators’ Save to decline her defeat on The Voice.

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VEDO is eliminated!!!!!! BIG VFTG WIN!

WOW! VEDO was just sent home on The Voice and Judith Hill and Sasha Allen, VFTG pick(s), made it to the top 10. We did, it, Girlsters and Girls! We eliminated any semblance of a marketable winner and…

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The Voice Top 16 Recap – Oh, the humanity…

The episode started with 10 ladies and six gentlemen. At the beginning of the episode Carson Daly brings the guy in charge of the voting onto the stage. There were some inconsistencies in voting this week with texting…

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