Revealed: The Voice 19 Zinn’s Villains Picks

DeSz may not have won The Voice and finished in fourth place (therefore the Moderators Save was used). But who had Carter Rubin as a Zinn’s Villain pick? This video will explain.

Despite the Moderators’ Save being used to decline the Vote for the Girls loss on The Voice 19, the Purple Team moderators faced a punishment while the Zinn’s Villains on Blue and Red Teams received a $500 shopping spree from Glenbrook Square Mall in Fort Wayne and the Pink Team moderators simply did nothing.

Punishment for Failure: The Purple Team have selected their meals for #voicefinale as follows:

Kendra Ray:
Disgusting fish dish (bad scallop)
Brussel Sprout Pie
Blended Beef drink

Rachael Passalt:
Chopped Liver and Onion Sandwich
Mountain Dew Beer

Donna Doogan:
Duck feet sandwich
Flower salad with cockroaches
Apple peel shake

Ava Zinn:
A pie with Brussel Sprouts, Spinach, Kidney Beans and Broccoli

Karly Jameson:
Fish head soup
Sugar and anchovy pie
Scotch on the rocks

Thia Tola:
Lamb testicles
Fused grapefruit in mashed potatoes
Blended chicken drink

Nadia Lorenzo:
Black Bean Spaghetti
Colt 45

Lauren Herman:
Mashed liver
Cod with gefilite fish sauce
Scallop smoothie

Who do you think has the worst dish?

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