VFTG VICTORY: Danielle Bradbery Wins Season 4 of ‘The Voice’

It’s  pretty much official, never before in the history of Vote for the Girls has there been two (or three) victories in any given year. Danielle Bradbery defeated Michelle Chamuel in what is officially the first time in the show’s history that the winner and runner-up were both female, triggering a VFTG Victory.

Since our pick from the beginning to win won, this is officially marking the first time a Double Vote for the Girls Victory has been declared.


This wasn’t surprising considering the show was setting it up all season after Danielle charted on the iTunes charts the most and was going to win.

BOTTOM LINE: Danielle Bradbery is The Voice 4 winner, as anyone could’ve predicted months ago. The Swon Brothers had No Chance as VFTG only Double trouble in our target…Zach and Colton Swon following the eliminations of Kris Thomas and Josiah Hawey!

Stay tuned to the VFTG YouTube Channel for the episode…. Ava does another Brandi Chastain and basically has been one of the wildest Vote for the Girls seasons ever in 81 shows.


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