#VFTGTwist with So You Think You Can Dance…


Last Wednesday, VFTGers were asked to make what possibly become the biggest Vote for the Girls Victory, ladies and gentlemen.

Valerie Rockey
Valerie Rockey

From what we’ve seen on Twitter and on Facebook about who they think will win So You Think You Can Dance 11 — of which we hope it will be Valerie Rockey tonight, and this would be the best VFTG Victory as not only will Valerie join Lauren Froderman, Melanie Moore, Eliana Girard, and Amy Yakima as the VFTG Make-Up Victories of all time–but since Valerie is from Indianapolis, Indiana and if Valerie wins SYTYCD11, not only will it be a DOUBLE VFTG VICTORY, but her victory will get Christina Grimmie of The Voice 6, Jena Asciutto and Jessica Meuse of American Idol 13, Maneepat Molloy and Macy Kate of Rising Star 1, and five other previous VFTG Picks in the Vote for the Girls USA Hall of Fame.

Nothing can possibly be historic as it will be the first time that a female contestant from Indiana wins a competition.

But this is going to be a surprise that the moderators won’t see coming….



There’s going to be a #VoteForTheGirlsTwist tonight….

The twist is a dramatic proposal for all the VFTG Moderators (Kellie, Kathi, Julia, Lanise, Karly, Kym, Tracia, and Khayla — the latter two will join VFTG for American Idol 14) as follows:

The American public has been in control of who wins….
VFTGers have been in the driver’s seat…
but tonight, the power is entirely in the moderators hands.

The VFTG moderators (except Ava and Nermal, the latter is filling in for Holly) have two options:

1. As usual we will find out if Valerie Rockey wins So You Think You Can Dance 11 since Nigel (Lythgoe) said that there would be one winner this season, or

2. Decide that the two winner format from So You Think You Can Dance 9 & 10 (the winners are one male and one female) will apply to So You Think You Can Dance 11, even though there will be one winner on the show this year. Ava Zinn called it a bad move on Nigel Lythgoe’s end (and we can’t argue with him on the two winner format, as the two winner format is so much better than one.) That decision from the moderators will come at a price — the moderators will not have any wild card or steal picks for The Voice 7 and American Idol 14.

What will the moderators decide?

Find out on tonight’s Vote for the Girls USA.

BTW, we will show tonight’s America’s Got Talent Semi-Final Result on Thursday (on tape delay).

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