Vote for the Girls Loss: American Idol 13

This was historic for all the wrong reasons. We once again asked VFTGers not to vote for Caleb to get the victory, as VTFG founder Ava Zinn had picked as a vote for the worst pick.

It proved to be a tough season as all the males were dreaded white guts with guitars and were threats to the ladies .

Painful Vote for the Girls Loss

The votes were cast Tuesday night in a vote that was basically Jena’s to win. However, Twitter and Dialidol may have projected that Jena  would win.

After the final result, all of the moderatrs, still reeeling in from the loss on The Voice of AMerica 6, were clearly disappointed.oncew again. So Ava Zinn as the punishement for failure will be auctioning off her virgininty, the meat strike lasting through the end of 2014,  Kathi, Kelllie, Holly, and Ava will be growing leg beards for Breast Cancer in October 2014 until December 1, 2014.

Another punishment for failure for Jena losing American Idol 13 will be up to all VFTGers.

Nonetheless this is now the fifth Vote for the Girls loss on American Idol. Overall on Vote for the Girls,



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