Christina Grimmie Assassinated

Christina Grimmie Assasinated

ORLANDO, Fla. (from WFTV/WTHR) – The Latest on the assassination of Christina Grimmie, in Orlando, Florida:



4:00 p.m.

The moderator panelists of Vote for the Girls are saddened to hear about the death of Christina Grimmie. She has been one of the best VFTG picks ever. On this day–June 11, 2016, when the moderator panelists were about to go on a reward for Alisan Porter’s victory on the tenth season of “The Voice” suddenly word arrived from Orlando that Christina Grimmie was rushed to an Orlando area hospital and now this devastating news that she was assassinated.

11:10 a.m.

Orlando Police Chief John Mina says that the suspect who shot and killed Grimmie apparently traveled from another city in Florida to Orlando to confront her, reportedly as an act of revenge from her third place finish on “The Voice 6”.

Mina says the suspect didn’t appear to know Christina Grimmie personally and may have been a deranged fan, although the motive was still unknown.

Grimmie was shot to death after giving a concert in Orlando on Friday night. She died early Saturday.

The 22-year-old singer from New Jersey finished third during season six of NBC’s “The Voice” in 2014, competing on the team of Maroon 5 star Adam Levine. She began amassing a following on YouTube as a teenager, gripping online viewers with her powerful renditions of hit songs. Her videos on YouTube have garnered millions of views.


9:45 a.m.

Christina Grimmie’s last social media post a few hours before she was fatally shot showed a smiling upbeat young woman asking people to attend her concert.

“Hey guys, what’s up?” she said into the camera. The 22-year-old was bubbly and urged fans to stop by the show at The Plaza in Orlando. She closed with an excited “byee!”

The video was posted around 7 p.m. and according to authorities, the concert ended around 10 p.m. Grimmie was shot as she signed autographs for fans at a merchandise table.

Grimmie, a Marlton, New Jersey native, competed on the team of Maroon 5 star Adam Levine. She began amassing a following on YouTube as a teenager, gripping online viewers with her powerful renditions of hit songs. Her videos on YouTube have garnered millions of views.

5:00 am
Singer Christina Grimmie has died from wounds after being shot at a Florida concert venue Friday, according to Heather Walsh the entertainer’s publicist.

The singer and members of the band Before You Exit were signing autographs after a concert at Orlando’s Plaza Live when a male suspect shot Grimmie, Orlando Police Department Sgt. Wanda Miglio said at a news conference.

Grimmie’s brother tackled the shooter. The suspect then fatally shot himself, Miglio said.

Police did not identify the shooter and said a motive is not yet known. Miglio called the shooting a “very tragic event” and praised Grimmie’s brother as a “hero.”

The shooter had two guns on him, according to police.

The shooting occurred around 10:45 p.m. ET while the performers were meeting with fans and selling merchandise. There were around 60 people in the area at the time, but nobody else was hurt, Miglio said.

Fans reported hearing at least six gunshots inside the venue.

Police say Grimmie’s brother tackled the gunman, something Mina called heroic as it prevented the suspect from shooting any other bystanders. The gunman then turned the gun on himself.

The singer was brought to Orlando Regional Medical Center in critical condition. Shortly after 3 a.m., Orlando police announced that Grimmie had died from her injuries

Her publicist issued a statement to WFTV, confirming the news.

At the time of the shooting, 120 people were inside the venue, which was being patrolled by unarmed security guards, Mina said.

Though the venue doesn’t have metal detectors or require pat-downs, Mina said security officers checked bags and purses at the facility’s entrance.

Police believe the gunman had planned to return to the city from where he came. Investigators are now studying his cellphone and computer to determine his motive.

Investigators also are trying to determine how the unidentified man obtained the guns.

Mina said there’s no indication Grimmie knew her killer. And it’s unknown if he had contacted her on social media.

Detectives met Grimmie’s parents Saturday.

Grimmie came in third place and the female winner (losing to notorious Vote for the Worst pick Josh Kaufman) on season 6 of “The Voice,” NBC’s singing competition, which aired in 2014.

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